The legal world of music, film and entertainment in general can be very murky at times. If you have a special talent, do not get taken advantage of or sell yourself short. Naqvi Law can help protect you and make sure you are signing the best deal possible for your next big role.






Naqvi Law is a growing force in the Canadian film, television and digital media industries. We help our clients organize budgeting and arrange financing for productions, negotiated partnerships and meet all the legal requirements set out by their jurisdiction.

The legal world of film and digital media can be a very confusing landscape. Whether you are a television, commercial film actor, singer, producer or YouTuber, understanding the legal aspect of your job is key. We at Naqvi Law, will educate you on everything you need to be aware of when going into a contract with a production company.

It is a good idea to know what your commitments, obligations and rights are within each new venture before binding yourself to it. Do not get the short end of the stick, contact us today to find out how we can negotiate the best deals for you.